Live stream Chelsea

Are you a big fan of the Premier League or just of Chelsea? Then we have some good news for you! As Chelsea / football fan you can now watch all Chelsea games for free. Thanks to the Chelsea Live Stream partner, you’ll never miss out on any game. Legal & online! Watch Leicester City – Chelsea now free online!

  • Only legal live streams of Chelsea
  • No popups or annoying ads
  • Real time stats
  • Your preferred commentator
  • High quality live streams

Live stream Leicester City – Chelsea

Looking for a live stream for Leiceister City against Chelsea? Look no further. Thanks to our partner you’ll be able to watch this game completely free. Can Chelsea win against the 3rd of the Premier League? Find it out live thanks to the live stream Leiceister City – Chelsea

Free live stream Chelsea watch online

Thanks to Unibet TV you can now watch all games of Chelsea online! Just create your account, make sure you have a least some cents on your balance (deposit 10 £) and enjoy all the live streams of Chelsea & other teams.

Calendar Chelsea

Looking for the calendar of Chelsea to find out which live streams will be available? Find out below:

FAQ: Live stream Chelsea

There are some frequently asked questions regarding the live stream. Below you can find all the questions & answers.

Can I watch the live streams for free?

Yes, everyone older than 18 years can watch the live streams of Chelsea for free.

⭐  How good is the quality?

Thanks to our partner, you can enjoy a high quality live stream and see all details of their match.

How can I watch the live stream?

Live streaming the games of Chelsea is quiet simple. Follow the following steps and you can enjoy the live stream in no time!

  1. Create your account on
  2. Deposit minimum 10 EUR or 10 £
  3. Watch every game of Chelsea LIVE

Forget those illegal streams

Some illegal streams are available where you can watch the matches of Chelsea. But we wouldn’t recommend those. Why?

  • Too much commercials
  • Lags throughout the games
  • Non local commentators

This is all in the past now! Thanks to the UNIBET TV live streams. Live streaming hasn’t been easier.

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